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Here I have collected some of my favorite jokes. I did not write any of these.

Hot Day at the Marina
In the dentist's office
The church steeple
At the local symphony
The vegetable market
An Indian chief had three wives
A group of chess enthusiasts
After Quasimodo's death
At the Beach
One night, the Potato family sat down
a tiny island nation
A guy took his sick dog to the vet
Two elderly vultures
a little boy lived by a river
Three Strings
These friars were . .
An old man lived with his dog
A woman had a set of identical twins
The Lone Ranger and Tonto
A Satanic Health Care Facility
Forrest Gump
On Different Kinds of Users and How to Spot Them
Lost Helecoter
Top 12 things likely to be overheard if you had a Klingon Programmer:
Internet Questions and Answers
In The Computer Afterlife
You know it is time to reassess your
How many internet mail list
Help Desk Nightmare
Creation Accourding to Microsoft
The End of the World
Changes at Microsoft
Complete Windows error list
Stage Definitions
Titanic Script (As is should have been)
Pecking Order
The College Food Chain
Ed finally decided to take a vacation
On a beautiful deserted
Some Children's Books That Didn't Sell Very Well
Just why DID the chicken cross the road?
An engineer was crossing
Sons Of Norway
Interpreting the Employment Ads
Minnesota Bumper Stickers
In the French Countryside
Top 15 Jewish Country And Western Song Titles
The Conductor
Beer Troubleshooting
New FDA alcahol warnings
Sherlock Holmes goes camping
Aircraft Maintenance Complaints
The Gravy Ladle
Cow Government
You MIght be Redneck Jedi if ...
51 Days
Little Johnny Shares at School
Sister Marilyn and Sister Helen
Things I learned from children...
The New World of Spelling
The Twelve Days of Midwinter Festival