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My Geek Code Block

The Geek Code is a strange looking collection of numbers, letter and symbols that you may sometimes see at the bottom of my and other folks e-mails. You can get the complete lowdown here. Geek Code 2000 coming soon!

My geek code block is:

Version: 3.1
GCM/PA d? s+:+ a c+++$ UB+>++++ P+ L+>+++ E- W+++ N++ w--- O+ M++
PS++ PE- Y+ PGP+ t+ 5-- X++ b++ DI+++ D-- e++ h+ r* y+

Follows is a explanation of what that means


GCM/PA - Geek of Computer Management/Performing Arts

d? - Dress - I have know idea what I am wearing right now, let alone what I wore yesterday

s+:+ - Shape - A little taller/rounder than most

a - Age - 30-39


c+++$ - Computers - You mean there is life outside the internet? You're shittin me! Done as a living.

UB+>++++ - Unix - Uses BSD Unix some what / is a sysadmin "wannabe"

P+ - Perl - I know Perl, I like Perl, I just haven't learned much Perl, but it's on my agenda.

L+>+++ - Linux - I've managed to get Linux installed and even used it a few times. "wannabe" a big linux geek

E- - Emacs - Emacs is too big an bloated for my tastes.

W+++ - World Wide Web - I am a Webmaster. Don't even think about viewing my homepage without the latest Netscape.

N++ - USENET News - I read all the news in a select hand full of groups.

w--- - Windows - Windows has set back the computing industry by at least 10 years. Bill Gates should be drawn quartered, hung, shot, poisoned, disembowelled, and then really hurt.

O+ - OS/2 - Use it some.

M++ - Macintosh - I am a Mac guru. Anything those DOS putzes and Unix nerds can do, I can do better, and if not, I'll Write the damn software to do it.


PS++ - Political and Social Issues - I give to liberal causes, march for gay rights, member of the ACLU, pro-choice.

PE- - Politics and Econimic Issues - It's OK to increase gov. spending to help the poor. Tax the rich. Cut defense.

Y+ - Cypher punks - I have an interest and concern in privacy issues, but am not really active or vocal.

PGP+ - Pretty Good Privacy - "Finger me for my public key"


t+ - Star Trek - It's a damn fine TV show and one of the only things good on TV any more.

5-- - Babylon 5 - You call this Sci-Fi? This show is just a soap with bad actors, piss-poor effects and lame story lines.

X++ - X-Files - This is one of the better shows I've seen

b++ - Books - I find the time to get through at least one new book a month.

DI+++ - Dilbert - I am a Dilbert prototype

D-- Doom! - It's an overly-violent game and is pure crap.


e++ - Education - I have a Bachelors degree

h+ - Housing - Living Alone - get out once a week to buy food, no more than once a month to do laundry. All surfaces covered.

r* - Relationships - Member of the SBCA (Sour Bachelor Club of America). The motto is "Bitter, but not Desperate" Founded at CalTech.

y+ - Sex - Male who has had real live sex.